GRUPO 23 – Vocal and Instrumental Improvisation Workshop *

Cine-Teatro Louletano / Fri 7 October - 14h30

* Within the framework of the performance WHAT IF EVERYTHING WAS YELLOW?
Target Audience: Children from 10 to 13, Duration 3h
© Gonçalo Tocha

© Fernando Pavão

Eyes shut! What does the sound make you feel? To listen to the silence in between the sounds, to listen to the others and answer. When do you start? When and how do you finish? What makes a start? And an end? What is music? Is this thing we do when we improvise music? Are the less usual sounds music? What is the error in this context? What do we like and don’t like to listen?

Workshop by: Sofia Sequeira and Rute Prates

Sofia Sequeira
Sofia Sequeira is Graduated and has a Masters in Guitar and Teaching by the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. where she worked with Piñero Nagy. Her training also included the Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa, Academia de Amadores de Música and the Hochschule für Musik und Theather in Hamburg.
In 1992 she was a finalist in the Juventude Musical Portuguesa Contest and in 1995 she won the 1st Prize in the 4th International Guitar Festival in Zarautz in Spain.
In 2000 she collaborated with theatre company Teatro da Cornucópia in the play As Bodas de Fígaro with original soundtrack by João Madureira. She is a teacher at the Santa Cecília Music Academy and at the Amadores de Música Academy.

Rute Prates
Estudou no Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa onde concluiu o Curso Geral de Piano, prosseguindo os estudos na Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa onde completou a Licenciatura em Formação Musical.
Actualmente lecciona as disciplinas de Formação Musical e Coro, no Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa e dirige o Coro Preparatório do Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa, em parceria com Teresa Lancastre e Vozes do Catavento.