© Gabriel Abrantes

GABRIEL ABRANTES – Olympia I + Olympia II

A female professional sex worker is visited by her homosexual adolescent brother and his two dogs. He confronts her about her line of work after having played trivial pursuit with mother on the sun deck. He wouldn’t pay a dime for her disgusting breasts.

A transvestite professional sex worker from a middle class Texan family waits for customers while listening to Henry Gorecki and drinking mini diet Coca-Cola. His maid, the “chocolate covered strawberry” comforts him by rubbing his “soft batch” and they begin making love.

Written and Directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Katie Widloski
Produced by Gabriel Abrantes
Music by Ragnar Arni and Gabriel Abrantes, and Katie Widloski
Editing, post production sound, and mixing by Gabriel Abrantes
Special thanks to Joana Godinho, Pandora da Cunha Telles, Rui Brito, Filmes Fundo, Galeria 111, Obviosom, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Born in North Carolina, United States, in 1984.
Gabriel Abrantes’s work was in a number of important collective exhibitions, namely in 2010: Dynasty at Palais de Tokyo and Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris France ; Reset at Fondation Ricard in Paris, France, curated by Christophe Kihm.
He recently won the Best Short film at Locarno Film Festival 2010 and the Best Portuguese Short Film award at IndieLisboa’10, Portugal, with “A History of Mutual Respect”.
Currently living and working in Lisbon, is preparing his first feature film, about Chinese immigration in Angola, and a short to be filmed in Port au Prince, Haiti in November 2010.
In postmodern descent, Gabriel Abrantes finds inspiration in the famous Manet’s Olympia, to reinterpret/explore the possible realities behind it.