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Dancer and choreographer, Faustin lives and works in Kisangani, North-East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire, former Belgian Congo, former independent state of Congo…
Following literature and theatre studies in Kisangani, he settled in Nairobi in 1993 and collaborates with Opiyo Okach and Afrah Tenambergen, co-founding in 1997 the first contemporary dance company in Kenya, the Gàara company.
Back in Congo in June 2001, he created the Studio Kabako in Kinshasa , a space dedicated to dance and visual theatre, that provides training programs, as well as supports research and creation. Memory, forgetting, and the suppression of memory- in his works, Faustin addresses the legacy of decades of war, terror, fear, and the collapse of the economy for himself, his family and his friends.
With the Studio, Faustin has presented ten pieces. Among its most recent creations:more more more… future (2009), which has extensively toured in Europe, United States and Africa, Pour en finir avec Bérénice (2010), Faustin’s own private version of Jean Racine’s piece previously staged for the Comédie Française in Paris in Spring 09, and Le Cargo, his first solo (2011).
Faustin teaches in Africa, Europe and United States.