© Pauliana Valente Pimentel


Museu Municipal de Faro / Antigas Carpintarias
Thu 18 NOV 18h00

FREE ADMISSION upon reservation
90' / M6
40% Clarification / 40% Political / 20% Interaction

Pauliana Valente Pimentel will guide us through the narrative in her photographic installation.
The visit will end with a talk about this community’s particular way of life, usually considered so different and unstable, leading us to even dismiss it as a viable possibility within our society. The Roma community then is urged to either integrate or disappear, to become invisible.

Modern society does not understand it and therefore this community is seen in the worst possible light. According to great theorists, the main cause for wars is our lack of understanding the Other, our inability to exercise Otherness; instead, we constantly demand that they do everything to belong to what we are. In this demand for integration, part of the soul of a more fragile, nomadic, culture is lost.

Guests: To be announced