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ZA! / EDUARD POU and PAU RODRÍGUEZ – Impossible Work Songs

Musical walking-tour ending at Teatro das Figuras, Faro *
Sat 20 NOV 21h00

FREE ADMISSION upon prior reservation
Concerto - Percurso / 60' - 90' / M6
40% Music / 30% Walking / 30% Fun

* Beginning of the tour – Meeting Point HERE.

The transformations that have taken place over the last 60 years in the Algarve and in Costa Brava, or in Barcelona, where ZA! come from, have at least one thing in common: the economic activity has become so centered on tourism and hospitality services that the natural environment suffered a sustainability crisis with overexploitation of resources. This radical transformation is one of central themes of this project by Eduard Pou and Pau Rodríguez (ZA!). They propose a musical tour based on new and impossible worksongs for today’s occupations, updating the repertoire of Algarve folk worksongs centered on agriculture and fishing.

From the traditional song structures, usually rhythm-based and sung a cappella during physical and repetitive tasks to synchronize the movements, to fight boredom, lift the morale or merely to feel the company of others, ZA! will look for new melodies and rhythms to match – in a parallel dimension – contemporary workplaces, movements, occupations and social realities. The result is an ethno-musicological piece mixing experimentation and humor.

To create these new retro-futuristic work songs ZA! used a variety of methods: they researched the experiences of contemporary workers and explored their connections with music, their everyday movements, and their imagination; they analyzed both structure and function and, as part of their residency at Verão Azul, included local singers and improvisers in the show.

Part of what this Catalan duo has been doing is experimenting with elements of folk culture. In their latest work, ZA! & la TransMegaCobla created an imaginary retro-futuristic traditional Mediterranean music repertoire to reclaim the Mediterranean as a cluster and a meeting point, rather than a (political / cultural / economic) border. In Portugal, ZA! have also presented performances with the Rancho Folclórico de Ramalde, with the fishermen’s union and the music school of Rabo de Peixe (Azores), or with folk bands from Lagos, Faro and São Miguel.

In Faro these songs will be revealed in a performance during a walking-tour through different contemporary workplaces such as hotels and shopping centres, ending at Teatro das Figuras.

Concept: ZA!
Performance: ZA! and local performers
Commissioned by: Festival Verão Azul
Co-Production: Teatro das Figuras

Eduard Pou is a musician, journalist and screenwriter. Pau Rodríguez is a psychologist, psychotherapist and musician. Together they are ZA!, a Catalan duo doing experimental and community music, musical education and underground activism since 2004. They have performed in more than 700 shows on all continents, either as a duo or in collaboration with artists from multiple areas. Pou & Rodríguez are the founders of the improvisation collective El Caballo Ganador and teach improvisation for children and amateur and professionals performers.

ZA! have been self-releasing their music through Gandula, a community of independent European bands under the Do-It-Together spirit. They received the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona – Music in 2015, for their educational work and DIY spirit, and the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona – Dance, in 2016, for their multidisciplinary show Afasians, with LosCorderos-sc.