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Jonathan Saldanha – The Invention of the Oracle

CAMADA - Centro Coreográfico
8 > 12 JUL / 10h00 > 14h00
Associação Recreativa e Cultural dos Músicos

Based on Jonathan’s compositional practice, the fundamental vectors that run through his work will be discussed: the contamination of the body by the landscape, the mutation of language, sound pressure, and rhythm as a catalyst for the hyper-present. Exploring the dramaturgical and cybernetic mechanisms that operate the vectors of mutation between the resonant body, technological blood, contamination by sound spectra and the synthetic dream in a space for the re-invention of listening. Compositional processes will be developed from manufacturing diagrams where cosmogonies, timbres and mechanisms operate together in a mutant sound space.

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha is a composer, visual artist and director who researches areas that cross pre-language, otherness and science fiction. In 2022, he programmed a cycle of concerts at the CCB. He was an associate artist at Teatro Municipal do Porto for 2020/2022, presenting plays such as RED MERCURY, LITHIUM FAUST, 3xDRILLS and LIBIDINAL LAKE. In 2019, she premiered her vocal piece and sculpture Scotoma Cintilante / Dysmorphia, the electronic percussion piece Broken Field Atlantis, and several exhibitions, including Plague Vector, Locus Horribilis and the Behemoth Republic. Between 2016 and 2018, he presented several installations, exhibitions and art pieces at various festivals and cultural spaces in Portugal and internationally. Since 2009, he has created scenic pieces and musical compositions, performing at renowned festivals such as Unsound, Le Guess Who?, Sónar, and Primavera Sound. He directs the musical projects HHY & The Macumbas and HHY & The Kampala Unit and founded the SOOPA collective in 1999. The Serralves Museum published his film/essay Mundo de Cristal, Máquina da Selva. His music has been published by various labels, including Africa’s Nyege Nyege. He is represented by Galeria Duarte Sequeira.