© Patrícia Faustino
© Patrícia Faustino

ECHOS FROM A LIQUID MEMORY / Prototype Version – Carincur

SUL, SOL e SAL, Loulé / Sun 16 APR 17h30
Performance / Concert / 45' / M6 / Free Admission

Echos From a Liquid Memory is a transdisciplinary piece where music and visual composition is stretched to the limit, by manipulating and digital processing sounds and images submerged and propagated through water. There was a need to build an instrument – a combination of an acrylic tank with hydrophones – to explore underwater sound. This is a truly immersive experience, where water shows us how memory and, therefore, identity, are somehow liquid. In Echos From a Liquid Memory – Prototype Version, Carincur shows us a prototype of this instrument with a site-specific performance.

Carincur is a transdisciplinary artist developing exploratory work in hybrid formats between performance, electronic and experimental music, audiovisual installation, sound sculptures and electro-acoustic instruments, among others. She is co-creator of the audiovisual project Spectrum Awareness, alongside João Pedro Fonseca and João Valinho. She is part of ZABRA – a movement and experimentation centre of Arts, Technology and Science; she is also vice-president of ZIGURFEST – an annual festival that takes place in Lamego.