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IMAGE LANGAGE – Félicia Atkinson

CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos / Sat 8 ABR 21h00

Concert / 40' / M6
Single ticket Félicia Atkinson + Tânia Carvalho
10€ - 5€ (Discount)

Image Langage was written between La Becque in Switzerland, on the banks of Leman Lake, and at home on the coast of Normandy, and finds Atkinson keen to capture the disorientation of moving between places, and its effect on the creative process. Inspired by the concept of the “home studio” (now a reality for the majority of artists but in the past more of a prescribed choice for outsiders such as Agnes Martin and Georgia O’Keefe), Atkinson approached the record as if she were building a house, thinking of the tracks as separate rooms, each with their own discrete functions.

For Félicia Atkinson, human voices inhabit an ecology alongside and within many other things that don’t speak, in the conventional sense: landscapes, images, books, memories, ideas. The French electro-acoustic composer and visual artist makes music that animates these other possible voices in conversation with her own, collaging field recording, MIDI instrumentation, and snippets of essayistic language in both French and English. Atkinson’s compositions frequently engage with the work of visual artists, filmmakers, and novelists. She has collaborated with numerous musicians and has performed and exhibited all around the world. Her work has also been commissioned by fashion houses such as Prada and Burberry. Atkinson currently lives on the wild coast of Normany.