© Rui Carlos Mateus


CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos
Sat 6 NOV 17h30 / 90' / M12

40% Talk / 30% Political / 30% Emotive

Verão Azul’s programme for this edition focuses on truly important themes we want to share with the youngest audiences, through Sérgio Pelágio‘s Magnetic Stories, but also with young people, with the show Válvula by António Jorge Gonçalves & Flávio Almada.

We have asked these artists to come forth and explain what drives them and why they think it is crucial, right now, to discuss Humanity and Democracy. When addressing these themes we want to hear not just about the good side of sociability mas also about the restrictions society and societal systems impose on us, limiting the rights we once took for granted and questioning democracy.

The discussion will be joined by LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Verão Azul long-time partner and the main driver of public art projects that have been materializing in Lagos throughout the years.

Guests: António Jorge Gonçalves, Flávio Almada, Sérgio Pelágio, LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas