© Magda Bizarro

TIAGO RODRIGUES / MUNDO PERFEITO – If a window would open

What do we see when we watch the eight o’clock news? A proposition of reality. Some news corporation´s idea of what is important within the time and space of one day. The news tells us that this is the reality of which we are a part – a reality where, generally speaking, none of our daily thoughts or actions are even registered.
Tiago Rodrigues presented a first draft of this project as a solo performance in 2009 at the Teatro Maria Matos, under the title Outro dia (Another Day). He dubbed his own voice and words over the text of a television news broadcast in an attempt to tell the story of another day. Outro dia offers the basis for this new creation, but this time Rodrigues invites Paula Diogo, Cláudia Gaiolas, Tónan Quito and DJ ALX to join him on stage.
Se uma janela se abrisse starts from the idea of replacing a public discourse with an intimate one. It explores alternative ways of talking about the facts that make up “the news”. It is the birth of another journalism, on the human scale of a stage, where the glance between two actors could have the same weight as global warming.
The title is borrowed from the verses of Alberto Caeiro, he himself the public persona of Fernando Pessoa: “There’s just a closed window, and the whole world out there / And a dream about what one could see if a window opened / Which is never the same as what one sees when the window opens.”

Written and directed by: Tiago Rodrigues
Performed by: Paula Diogo, Cláudia Gaiolas, Tónan Quito, Tiago Rodrigues, DJ ALX
Video: Bruno Canas, Tiago Rodrigues
Soundscape and sound track: DJ ALX
Set, costumes and lights: Magda Bizarro, Tiago Rodrigues
Executive Producer and photography: Magda Bizarro
Production assistant: Mariana Sampaio
Production: Mundo Perfeito
Co‐production: alkantara festival, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
Special Collaboration: João Adelino Faria
With the support of the Information Direction Department da RTP