© João Galante

DARK ROOM – Art, Education & Child Development

TEL – Teatro Experimental de Lagos
Sat 17 AUG, 16h00

* Online Debate

A part of the program of this year’s edition of the festival is for children. Moved by the desire of creating a space of discussion and thought on the universe of childhood and on the relationship between artistic processes and child development, we will be holding a live-streaming conversation / debate on this topic.
We will invite teachers, artists, psychologists and parents to join us through a live streaming broadcast, where they will participate directly from their cities / homes. Simultaneously, there will be a live video projection at TEL, where we invite the audience to come follow and to participate in this discussion.
Also, it will be possible for the rest of the audience worldwide to take part in this event online.

With the participation of: Ariana Furtado, Dora Lourenço, Elisabete Paiva e Margarida Mestre.