© António Pedro Lopes


CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
Fri 16 AUG, 23h30

* Online Performance

A boat sails away towards the horizon and from that same horizon one day it returns. Round trip names a complete journey, forth and back, two halves of the same voyage.
The travel has already started in another port. Here is the destination. Here is an eye that follows a coming forward. A man that comes in public to present himself. I am that man.

Conception and performance: Gustavo Ciríaco
Location: Kokko1721, Artistic residency in Finland’s rural area

Gustavo is a performing and visual artist living between Rio and Lisbon. He starts his career in Political Sciences and then drifts to dance and contextual works. He enjoys blending now and then with here and there and working transversally across fields and in a collaboratively mode. Dance, theater, video, story telling and urban actions are present in his pieces where the dimensions of the meeting become the inspirations for shared fictions and situations.