© Pega Monstro


LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas
Sat 10 AUG, 23h00

The bold duo of siblings Maria and Júlia Reis, spearheads of the young and much talked about label Cafetra Records, have been enrapturing teenagers and college students across the country with their brand of stunning lo fi rock songs, on vocals, guitar and drums, for more than a couple of years now.
All of this momentuum was fully captured and motivated by their tremendously praised and vilified, on equal visceral doses, magnificent self-titled debut, released on March 2012, which was recorded by B Fachada on a 4 track.
The music and social resonance of Pega Monstro seems to come from the fact that they started at such a young age taking a stab at tradition into uncharted territory, both in sound and lyrics in Portuguese, within a community of peers that grew into an audience that gets larger by each live show they play, a picture that Rock is always prone to serve when in presence of pioneer work such as this.