© Babettte Cole

SÉRGIO PELÁGIO – Magnetic Stories

TEL - Teatro Experimental de Lagos
Fri 17 AUG, 18h00

Performance for families and children 6 to 12 years.

Magnetic Stories is a project by Sérgio Pelágio, wich consists in the composition of soundtracks for children stories. The result is a storytelling concert for electric guitar (Sérgio Pelágio) and voice (Isabel Gaivão).
Nungu and the lady Hippopotamus, by Babette Cole, tells the story of an african boy determined in bringing back the water to his village who had been swallowed by an angry female hippopotamus. Nungu sets out all alone into the jungle, looking for the hippo and, with the help of his grandfather’s wisdom, is able to bring back the water to the dry riverbed, along with happiness and joy to the Tubu people.
This is the fourth Magnetic Story and our first incursion into non western culture. The result is a narration and music score inspired by the rhythms and melodies of the african continent.

Composition and baritone guitar: Sérgio Pelágio
Narration: Isabel Gaivão
Executive Production: Sérgio Pelágio e Vânia Faria
Co-Production: Centro Cultural de Redondo

Sérgio started his musical education in classic guitar at 12 years old. Later he discovered jazz and improvised music and played, among others, with David Liebman, Andy Sheppard, Graham Haynes, Frank Lacy, Norma Winston, John Abercrombie, Sylvia Cuenca, Mário Franco, Bernardo Sassetti and Mário Laginha, whom he recoded Hoje (1994). In 1990 he began his collaboration as a composer with several choreographers such as Paulo Ribeiro, Paula Massano, João Galante, Teresa Prima, Vera Mantero, Francisco Camacho and Sílvia Real. In 2009 he created “Magnetic Stories”, a project of music composition for childrens tales. He has been running several sound courses for stage and film sound (Fórum Dança, NEC e Gulbenkian) and he is a guitar teacher at Hot Clube Jazz School.