© João Octávio

SOFIA DIAS & VÍTOR RORIZ – A gesture that is nothing but a threat

CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
Fri 2 AUG, 22h30

Dance / 2011 / 40′

In this piece we subject words to the rules of movement composition and explore the potential of the word as a body, taking into account not only meaning, but also sound plasticity and the relationship to voice, breathing, rhythm and musicality.
We place ourselves in that moment where the word repeated loses its meaning and within the possibility of degeneration and transformation. As other words emerge, we are able to observe how our minds work – in the chaos of sound textures there is always a logical connection to something recognisable.
In this way, we free ourselves from semantic and syntax determinism, rearrange the hierarchy of word, voice, movement and gesture, and aspire to new constellations of meaning to reflect the complexity of the human experience.

Directed, written and performed by: Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz
Sound: Sofia Dias
Artistic collaborator: Catarina Dias (stage image)
Technical director and lighting designer: Nuno Borda de Água
Costumes: Lara Torres
Co-produced by: Box Nova / CCB, O Espaço do Tempo, CDCE
Partners: alkantara, ACCCA, O Rumo do Fumo, O Negócio / ZDB, Bains Connective
Tour Management: Materiais Diversos
Financial management: SUMO Associação de Difusão Cultural
Funded by: Governo de Portugal / Secretário de Estado da Cultura – DG Artes

SOFIA DIAS & VÍTOR RORIZ have researched and created various dance pieces since they began collaborating in 2006.
Their work has been presented in Portugal and Europe. In addition to their work as choreographers and performers, they have led workshops and also taught theatre undergraduates at ESAD (Caldas da Rainha).
They are associate artists at Materiais Diversos (Lisbon) and O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor o-Novo).