© Pablo Fidalgo Lareo

PABLO FIDALGO LAREO – O estado salvaxe. Espanha 1939.

CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos
Thu 23 OCT, 21h30

Performance / 60'

“O estado salvaxe. Espanha 1939. is a performance created from several conversations with my grandmother. She is, besides, the only actress of the play. Through some Super 8 films, recorded by my grandfather from fifties to eighties, we will rewrite my family history and at the same time Spanish history from the Civil War up to the present day. This is a testimony of a woman quiet for a long time, who wanted to speak up, to clear up, to repair. This is, above all, a lucid and extreme act of love, an attack of romanticism before burning the bridges. In a letter to her granddaughters, my grandmother is relating her biography and brings into question her whole past, present and future, with an amazing truthfulness which sheds light on the meaning of being alive nowadays.”

Creation and Text: Pablo Fidalgo Lareo
With: Mercedes Fernández Vázquez
Films: Manuel Lareo Costas
Editing: Xurxo Chirro
Techical assistance: Paul Eduard Guy
Executive production: Catarina Vargas
Design and Webdesign: Amalia Area
Produced by: MARCO (Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo)
Co-produced by: Centro Párraga (Murcia) and Festival Temps D’Images (Lisboa)
With the support of: Fundación Start-Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas de Buenos Aires, Festival Bad – Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimarães), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) e Zé dos Bois (Lisboa)

Selected by Fabulamundi Project
Playwrite Europa 2013 / 2014
Première at MARCO, in Vigo, Spain, 12 October