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RUI CATALÃO – Conference Cycle: The Great Debt

TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão / Largo 1.º de Dezembro, Portimão
Fri 24: 19h00

Galeria LAR / Rua Professor Luís Azevedo, nº 37, Lagos
Sat 25: 18h30

The Great Debt is a series of lectures dealing with some of the least probable ways of debt. A parody to performance studies, it features a stage artist in the role of the speaker: each subject is presented, developed, there is a conclusion and a Q. & A. debate.
The Great Debt series of performances also deals with several aspects of contemporary life seen through the glass of older references. It’s theatre with no stage set: only ideas, the pleasure of telling stories, of exploring other dimensions of the human body, using theories and memory to think about our present lives.

THE RITE OF HIDDEN SPRING – In 2011 I worked in Serralves with a group of teenage dancers of a professional school (Balleteatro, Oporto). It’s a starting point for a reflexion about Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring and youth engineering a new body culture.

THE EXHAUSTION OF TRUST – A reflexion about the breakdown in social solidarity, and common life also, from the moment in which we non longer are in contact with the anonymous bodies we connect with online.

A work by: Rui Catalão
Technical assistance: Urândia Aragão
Production: Tânia Guerreiro – Produções Independentes
Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

RUI CATALÃO (Cacém, 1971) uses autobiography and the history of the places where he lived as tools to create fiction. His work deals with the border between private space and public space, memory, chance, fragility, transparent things, manipulation and how the act of telling stories changes the perception of bodies.
He is the author and performer of Canções i comentários (Songs and comments, 2014), Dentro das palavras (Inside words 2010), Av. Dos Bons Amigos (2013).
He directed Atît de frageda (So frail, 2006),Follow that summer (2008), Melodrama for 2 actors & a ghost and the group piece Elogio da classe política portuguesa (Praising of the portuguese politicians, 2004). He wrote the piece Ester for the program of juvenile theater Panos 2013 (Culturgest) and made Domados, ou não (Tamed or not, 2011) with the students of the school dance Balleteatro – Fundação Serralves. He worked with João Fiadeiro and Miguel Pereira and colaborates with Ana Borralho & João Galante.
He wrote the movie scripts for The Golden Helmet (dir. Jorge Cramez) and To die like a man (dir. João Pedro Rodrigues); he played a part in the movie The Face you deserve (dir. Miguel Gomes).
He was the editor and co-author of the book Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker em Lisboa (INCM) and Ingredientes do Mundo Perfeito, about the stage work of Tiago Rodrigues.