© André Príncipe

ANDRÉ PRÍNCIPE – Flamingo Field without Flamingos

Cinema de Lagos
Thu 22 OCT, 21h30 / Sun 25 OCT, 21h30

The five Japanese elements are, in order of importance – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void.
People and animals are side by side on a very old game. There is day and night. All exists simultaneously.
A journey through the Portuguese borders.

INTENTIONS NOTE: Sort the secrets of the visible world.

A Film by: André Príncipe
Cinematography, Camera: Takashi Sugimoto e André Príncipe
Sound: Manuel Sá
Editing: Sandro Aguilar
Production: Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar, © O Som e a Fúria 2013

André Príncipe (Porto, 1976) studied Psychology and Film editing at ESTC. Individual exhibits at Centro Portugês Fotografia, Encontros de Imagem, Fernando Santos and Silo galeries and collective exhibitions in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Viena, etc. Published 5 books: Tunnels (2005), Master and Everyone (2009), I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down (2010), Perfume do Boi (2012) e Smell of Tiger precedes Tiger (2012).
He is the founder and editor for Pierre von Kleist Editions. He directed short and feature films.

Campo de Flamingos sem Flamingos (2013)
Before the Ghost House (2010)
Traces of a Diary (with Marco Martins) (2010)
Ghost Houses (2009)
Dogs Chasing my Car (2005)
Febre (2000)
All The Buildings In New York (2006)

IndieLisboa’13 – Competição Nacional / Cinema Emergente (Portugal, 2013)
MALBA – Semana de Cine Português (Argentina, 2013)
Extensões MALBA – Semana de Cine Português em Rosário e Córdoba (Argentina, 2013)
Festival Villa de Leyva (Colombia, 2013)
Docs Kingdom (Portugal, 2013)