Verão Azul Festival Coverage / Radio Naus *

Escola E.B. 2.3 das Naus / Lagos
15 > 26 October

Invited by Verão Azul, a group of students from the Naus Schools attending the Radio Class will make the coverage of the Festival.
They are challenged to interview the artists and teams, to follow stage-settings and rehearsals, to watch the performances and events and to bring out their own perspectives.
The aim is for them to make a set of small radio programs/news to be broadcasted on the online school Radio – Rádio Naus – and here on the festival website.

Coordination: Mónica Samões with professor Paulo Soares
Monitoring and pedagogical support: Mickaella Dantas
Editing: José Pelicano

* within the framework of GYMNASIUM – O Pensamento Transformou o Infinito em Serpente, a program of artistic experimentation for children and teenagers held in the 2 group schools of Lagos. It includes workshops from several artists that are invited to work with the kids directly in the schools during the year of 2015-16.

Co-produced by: casaBranca & LAC
Partners: Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Eanes, Agrupamento de Escolas Júlio Dantas
Support: Câmara Municipal de Lagos, TEL – Teatro Experimental de Lagos