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Casa do Castelo, Loulé
OPENING: Sat 17 SET, 18h00 (until 22 Oct)

CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
OPENING: Thu 27 OCT, 18h00 (until 30 Dez)


Collective Photography Exhibition produced by casaBranca in the context of the 7th edition of the Verão Azul Festival. It includes pieces by the artists André Príncipe, André Uerba, Andrej Djerkovic, Patrícia Almeida and Vasco Célio, creators in the photography area with very distinct formal approaches, that were invited to create new works for this exhibition.

More than submitting the artists’ work to a specific theme, the aim was to create a space where artists have total freedom over the objects to be exposed, as well as over the way to expose them.
Just one sentence as a starting point – Starting from Scratch – a title that nonetheless might direct to the comprehension of the pieces, and that contains in itself a double idea of hope and destruction, an exciting internal dialectic engendered in this opposition.

The exhibition will be held in Loulé at Casa do Castelo from September 17th to October 22nd and in Lagos at Centro Cultural from October 27th to December 30th. It includes also the screening of Traces of a Diary, a film by Marco Martins and André Príncipe conceived as a sort of travel journal in Japan, a cinematographic note book on the work of some of the most significative contemporary Japanese photographers.

Dear Artists,

We would like to invite you to participate in a collective exhibition, organized by casaBranca in the context of Festival Verão Azul’s 7th edition, which will take place in Lagos, Loulé and Faro. The exhibition will be presented in two different places and dates: Casa do Castelo, in Loulé, and Centro Cultural de Lagos, in Lagos. You are invited to create new pieces for this exhibition.
We thought of you as creators in the photography area, although you have formally different approaches from one another.
In the case of André Príncipe it wouldn’t just be a new creation / work but we are also very much interested in presenting Traces of a Diary, the film-journal he directed with Marco Martins.
There will be an artistic fee paid to each one of you as well as a budget for the production of the works.
Although there is already a title that none the less guides the comprehension of the works, we do not want you to feel obligated to do something regarding it’s creation. We want to set up an exhibition where there is no specific theme but artists that matter to us.
We think the idea in the sentence Starting from Scratch, contains as much of hope as it does of destruction. And what is exciting is this internal dialectic that is generated.
We feel like doing an anarchistic expo.
An expo with an absence of government.
An expo in self-management, whatever that is in this context.
A space where artists have total freedom over the objects to be exposed, as well as over the way to expose them.
By this we don’t mean chaotic. It is whatever you want it to be.
And it is just our way to let you know you can do whatever you want, because unlike what has been said around, we believe our freedom starts where the other begins.
We’ll keep in touch.
Much obliged,

Ana and João
(direcção artística casaBranca e Verão Azul)