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EDUARD POU e PAU RODRIGUEZ / ZA! – Conducted Musical Improvisation Workshop

Clube Artístico Lacobrigense
WORKSHOP: Tue 17 > Thu 19 OCT, 18h00 > 21h00
CONCERT: Fri 20 OCT, 23h00

Email: info@festivalveraoazul.com
Tel: 963 579 289

Aimed at musicians and music students from 13 up
Limited to 15 people

Eduard Pou and Pau Rodríguez, who form the Catalonian band ZA!, direct this workshop, supported by the languages and theories of conducted musical improvisation, emerged in the 70’s and 80’s of the 20TH century and by artists like Butch Morris, Walter Thompson and John Zorn.
In contemporary pop music, it is understood that the improvisation style changes depending on the musical genre – each one has its one aesthetic, with particular recourses and ornamentations – being that the common ground is that improvisation is an individual expression within a group context.
Here the improvisation proposal is a group one, centred on the immediate discourse and based on a sign language that the musician shall interpret freely.

The workshop, held at Clube Artístico Lacobrigense during 3 days, culminates with a concert for the community on the night of the 20th, where the participants will play together with Eduard Pou and Pau Rodríguez.
The second part of the night will be lead by ZA!, with a solo concert of the band.

Edu Pou is a musician, jounalist and screenwritter. In the conducted improvisation field he has studied Soundpainting with its author Walter Thompson and is also an active member of the improvisation with percussion collective Demonshaker.

Pau Rodríguez is a psychologist, psychotherapist and musician. Has a degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Music Education and Musicology. During his clinical residency he has worked at the General Hospital of Cataluña in the Unit of Psychiatry utilizing methods like Music Therapy, Equine Therapy and Research on Personality Disorders.