© José Ramos

JOÃO FIADEIRO – I Am Here_Tracks and Traces

From the play I am here (2003), built upon the imaginary and body of work of Helena Almeida

Centro Cultural de Lagos
Sat 21 OCT, 21h30

Dance / 2017 / 40' / M12

To inhabit. To enter into a house (or a body, a sound, a thought…), mingling, to dilute myself, to disguise me, as if I had already been there, as if I had never left… it’s a feeling that touches me and moves me as a choreographer. In I AM HERE the house that took me in was Helena Almeida’s imaginary, an artist with whom I share the desire to remain in the frontier of the visible, the tangible and of the possibility.

© Patrícia Almeida

I AM HERE_tracks and traces is part of a series of rapprochement projects that I have been doing in relation to the piece I AM HERE.
It is the proposal that comes closer to the original version, not only because it comes back to the stage and recovers a frontal relationship with the spectator, but because it summons the spectator to experiment the play from its initial premise: to look into me as I disappear.

Creation and Performance: João Fiadeiro
Technical direction: Mafalda Oliveira
Production direction: Rita Faustino
– Original Credits –
Theatrical space: Walter Lauterer
Light design: Daniel Demont
Sound design: Arnold Haberl
Sound: Helena Almeida (extracto de “Olha-me…”, 1979)
Rehearsal assistants: Tiago Guedes, João Galante, Ana Borralho
Production: Sofia Campos
Co-production: RE.AL; Centre National de la Danse; Centre Georges Pompidou; Centro Cultural de Belém

João Fiadeiro belongs to the generation of choreographers that emerged at the end of the 80s and that, following the “post-modern” American movement and the French and Belgian Nouvelle Danse movements, originated the Portuguese New Dance.
In 1990 he founded the REAL that, apart from the production and diffusion of his shows, presented on a regular basis in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South America – accompanied and represented emergent artists.
After a 6 years break in which he was dedicated exclusively to the processing and the systemization of the Real Time Composing method, crossing his investigation with scientific areas such as anthropology, economy or complex system sciences, João Fiadeiro reactivated his artistic practice in 2015 through choreographic creation, with the premiere of a new group piece O que fazer daqui para trás, thus restarting a continued activity as a choreographer and performer.
He now attends a PhD in Contemporary Art from Colégio das Artes at Universidade de Coimbra.