© Stine Omar / Max Boss

STINE OMAR & MAX BOSS / EASTERjesus – Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me

Galeria Artadentro, Faro
Fri 27 OCT, 18h00

Video-Soap Opera/ 2014 > 2015 / 4 Episodes - 100' / M16
EN no Subtitles

2014’s TV series Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me by Berlin based producer duo Stine Omar and Max Boss is a serial drama centred around two groups of people in a timeless, unknown place and their dealing with the arrival of a stranger.
The series offers little of the spectacle typically inherent to its form. There is almost no spoken dialogue, unless it is for instance part of a commercial break that has managed to bleed into the fabric of the video piece. Instead, a set of disembodied voices leads us through mysterious events with quicksilver charm.
In Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me, Stine Omar and Max Boss use video as its own form of writing, where images juxtapose, irritate and enhance the spoken word; where the unsayable finds shape and expression.
It is a soap opera in the guise of an essay film, or an essay film in soap opera drag.

Created by: Easterjesus Productions
Written & Directed by: Stine Omar & Max Boss
Narrated by: Anika & Vaginal Davis
Starring: Stine Omar, Max Boss, Lars Eidinger, Britta Thie, Wen-Hsuan Huang, T-Word