© Nacho Correa


Centro Cultural de Lagos
Fri 20 OCT, 21h30

Dance / 2013 / 45' / M12 / 7€ / 5€*

The King in Exile REMAKE (2013) is the recreation of the solo piece by Francisco Camacho / EIRA inspired on Portugal’s last king figure. Created for the Klapstuk Dance Festival, in The King in Exile (1991) the character is the result of the juxtaposition of the choreographer / interpreter with Dom Manuel II.
Francisco Camacho re-elaborates the grotesque, obscure, sensual and oftentime nugatory universe that fills our lives. The play lives on tension line of the identities ambiguity; the character is obsessive, surrounded by trivial addictions, locked in its existence and lost in the emptiness of its secrets. It’s the portrait of an ironic, controversial Portugal, where loneliness is perdurable.

© Nacho Correa

Choreography and dancer: Francisco Camacho
Voice teacher: Fernanda Lapa
Costume Designer / Essay Assistant: Carlota Lagido
Set: Philip Cabau
Light Design / Technical Direction: Frank Laubenheimer
Music: Carlos Zíngaro, Ruy Coelho / Natalia de Andrade, Nick Cave
Texts: D. Manuel II, António Cabral, Francisco Camacho
Production: EIRA
Co-production: Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de Uruguay

Francisco Camacho – His creations have been circulating in Europe, America and Africa since 1988. He was awarded the Bordalo Prize (1995 and 1997) and the ACARTE Prize (1994 / 95). He has danced with several choreographers, including Paula Massano, Meg Stuart, Alain Platel and Carlota Lagido. Studied dance, theater and voice in Portugal and New York, namely at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio and Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Founding member and artistic director of EIRA up to the present time.