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Training 2020

We seize the stay of the artists in residency in the south to promote a Training Plan for local professionals, carried out together with the associations ArQuente and Mákina de Cena.

With a format that encompasses intensive monthly workshops during the weekend, each artist proposes distinct creative practices and of relationship with the participants.

We thus open more networks and synergies, with the awareness that collaboration is of essence and should be one of the premises of this “new normality” but, above all, we promote the development of an artistic community, aware of its role in changing perceptions.

Understanding and valuing both the work of the artists and the importance of paid cultural practices, these workshops have a registration fee of 30€ (with the exception of Pauliana Valente Pimentel Masterclass, which is free).

Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Training Program complies with the security measures currently in force.


Considering the present moment and the financial instability associated with the Culture sector, Verão Azul offers 4 Grants for any interested parties whose only impediment to participation is the registration fee – detailed information on the online registration form for each training / workshop.

Criteria for Grant
Local artists or professionals (Algarve region) with the appropriate profile for the training in which they are enrolled will be privileged, as well as full availability to carry out the workshop during their entire schedule.
Verão Azul reserves the right to arbitrarily award the Grant, as well as the right not to award, if there are not received any applications that meet the criteria for that benefit.