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WORKSHOP with GUSTAVO CIRÍACO – Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Convento do Espirito Santo, Loulé
Sun 27 OCT / 10h00 > 13h00 + 14h30 > 16h30

Who can participate: Dancers and professional and amateur actors interested in practicing movement as an expression / Limited to 10 participants / M15 / Free admission

Info and Registration: +351 963 579 289 / info@festivalveraoazul.com

The workshop will work on the connections between dance, education and the production of knowledge in common, departing from two referencial teaching strategies: the one from the German theorist Friedrich Frobel, in the use of game as a fundamental learning tool; and the one by Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire, who defends a critical pedagogy, where apprentices are co-creators of knowledge.

Círiaco is interested in researching local practical knowledges, present in everyday life, with the purpose of elaborating techniques of performatic movements with the participants, with the desire of interconnecting both universes, using dance as an instance of knowledge.