© Cátia Pinheiro


CREATED IN RESIDENCY - Loulé & Lagos 2018

Public Space Loulé
Meeting Point Convento do Espírito Santo *
Sat 19 OCT /  Sun 20 OCT - 15h00

Public Space  Lagos
Meeting Point Messe Militar de Lagos *
Fri 1 NOV / Sat 2 NOV - 15h00

* Journey beginning with 4 min intervals between each spectator. Individual exits from 15h00 to 16h55 / Available in PT and EN / Limited to 30 people

AUDIOWALK / 40' / M12 / 5€** - BUY LOULÉ / BUY LAGOS
** In Loulé, the ticket for the show should be bought at Cine-Teatro Louletano’s box office, in Lagos at Centro Cultural de Lagos' box office.

The Walk #2 is a site-specific audio journey that thrives on a city and its little fictions. exploring the boundaries between interior and exterior, public and private, fiction and reality.

The journeys made especially for Verão Azul are based in the relationship between urbanism and nature, proposing a reflection on the concept of the Anthropocene. As humanity reshapes landscape, it forgets what was left behind, with no awareness that that forgotten past is haunting us. To what degree are we cosmopolitan formatted? Do we remember the existence of Shopping Mall A, B or C or is it like they were always there to us?
What if for brief moments our eyes land on rocks, plants, trees, the sky and other species surrounding us in a different way? What if instead of inhabiting a space like we usually do, we slow down our paces and allow ourselves for the space to inhabit us?

Concept and Voice-over: Cátia Pinheiro
Script: Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes
Sound Designer and Audio Edition: Vasco Rodrigues and Cátia Pinheiro
Executive Production: Ana Lopes
Production: Estrutura
Funding: República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direcção Geral das Artes

Cátia Pinheiro was born in Oporto in 1980.
She worked as an actress with António Fonseca, Nuno Cardoso, Nuno Carinhas, Ana Luísa Guimarães, Nuno M. Cardoso, Mundo Perfeito, Philippe Quesne, Cão Solteiro, among others.
She co-created the performances Receita para me Ouvires (2006), A Festa (2008), Geopolítica do Caos (2009), WTF? (2010), Wanted (2015), Uma Gaivota (2016), Geocide (2017), The End (2017) M’18 (2018) and PATHOS (2019) and the transdisciplinary projects The Walk (2013 / 2014) and Display (2014).
In 2009 she created the theatre company Estrutura along with José Nunes.

Estrutura is a theatre company based on Teatro do Campo Alegre in Oporto, within the program Campo Aberto.
It was created in 2009 by the artists Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes It’s work is based on the creation of projects that dialogue with the reality of the contemporary thinking, promoting artistic experimentation and collaborative work between artists from different fields.

Since its foundation Estrutura has presented its work in cooperation with Portuguese institutions like Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Nacional de São João, Teatro Nacional D. Maria, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, 23 Milhas, FITEI, Festival Temps d’Images, among others.