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ClÁUDIA GAIOLAS – Antiprincesas: Clarice Lispector

Loulé City Park / Fri 25 OCT 10h30
Limited to 3 classes / Free Admission

Lagos City Park 
(in front of Santa Maria Primary School) / Wed 30 OCT 10h30
Limited to 3 classes - 3€

THEATRE / for schools / 35' / Children  4 - 10

Clarice Lispector was born in Ukraine. Her parents fled the country because of the war and ended up in Brazil, where Clarice grew up to become a great writer. She wrote about the mysteries of the universe and the human soul, but also about runaway chickens, thinking rabbits and a dog that ate cigarettes.
The Antiprinceses Cycle is a series of four shows created by Cláudia Gaiolas from the book collection Antiprincesas, published by Tinta da China and EGEAC, on women who made history. Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Chilean composer and singer Violeta Parra, Bolivian military Juana Azurduy and Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector are women with no crowns, who did not live in castles and who didn’t have superpowers, common women, heroes in real life who challenged canons and revolutionized the world by means of their Art, Literature or Politics.
These were fighting women, independent and passionate. Evoking these true heroes emphasizes the evidence that life is not a fairy tale, but also that it is worth to face difficulties and fight for what we believe in.

Direction and interpretation: Cláudia Gaiolas
Assistant Direction: Leonor Cabral
Dramaturgy: Alex Cassal
Scenography and costumes: Ângela Rocha
Light Design: Daniel Worm
Photography: José Frade
Executive Production: Armando Valente
Coproduction: Teatro Meia Volta e Depois à Esquerda Quando Eu Disser and São Luiz Teatro Municipal
A commission from: São Luiz Teatro Municipal and Programação em Espaço Público, from the book series Antiprincesas, shared edition from Tinta-da-China and EGEAC
Teatro Meia Volta e Depois à Esquerda Quando Eu Disser is funded by República Portuguesa – Cultura / DGArtes

Cláudia Gaiolas was born in Lisbon in 1976. She is a performer and a director. She was co-founder of Teatro Praga. She has worked with several companies and directors, emphasis for: Mundo Perfeito, Mala Voadora, Truta, Má-Criação, teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser, Teatro da Garagem and also Tiago Rodrigues, Tonan Quito, Paula Diogo, Giacomo Scalisi, Madalena Victorino, Jean-Pierre Larroche, Rui Horta, Clara Andermatt, Dinarte Branco, Alfredo Martins and Alex Casal, among others.
She directed several shows, such as A Mulher que Parou, Os Terroristas, Solo Doméstico, Não sou só eu aqui and As Três Sozinhas (with Anabela Almeida and Sílvia Filipe). She directed the Antiprinceses Cycle for S.Luiz Teatro Municipal.