© Nuno Lucas

MÁRCIA LANÇA and NUNO LUCAS – Por esse mundo fora

Centro Cultural de Lagos / Thu 31 OCT 10h30

THEATRE / 35' / M4 / 3€ - BUY

Márcia and Nuno are explorers, always ready for an upcoming adventure.
Attentive to the unexpected and lovers of the unknown, this time they come across a place full of boxes. Intrigued, they wonder. What are those boxes doing here?
What does each one contain? How many times even with fear, you opened doors, windows, vaults, cabinets? How many times have you been driven by the need to know, to unravel? Sometimes our own curiosity leads us to overcome our own limits. Each time we open a box a new world of possibilities is created. Every gesture unleashes a wave of discovery and astonishment.
Where does our curiosity lead us?

Direction and Interpretation: Márcia Lança e Nuno Lucas
Music: Nuno Morão
Assistance to Costume Design: Benedetta Maxia
Technical Direction: Tasso Adamopoulos
Tour Manager: Mónica Talina / Pinguim Púrpura
Residences: 30 da Mouraria, Espaço das Gaivotas/Teatro Praga, Teatro Municipal Maria Matos
Co-Production: VAGAR and Teatro Municipal Maria Matos

Márcia Lança has a degree in Anthropology by UNL. In 2008 she funded VAGAR – Cultural Association in which she’s artistic director. As creator: NOME (2017), Por esse Mundo Fora (2016), Evidências Suficientes para a Não Coerência do Mundo (2014), Happiness and Misery (2014), 9 Possible Portraits (2014), O Desejo Ignorante (2011), Trompe le Monde (2011), Morning Sun (2009), Dos joelhos para baixo (2006). She has collaborated with the artists João Fiadeiro, Cláudia Dias, Olga Mesa, Miguel Castro Caldas, Alex Cassal.

Nuno Lucas debuted as a performer in National Theater D. Maria II (2001). He created many pieces such as Pongo Land (2008); Trompe le Monde (2010); A Coming Community (2012); I Could Write a Song (2015); Por esse Mundo Fora (2016). He worked with Miguel Pereira, Joris Lacoste, João Fiadeiro, Ivana Müller, Mala Voadora. He is associated artist of O RUMO DO FUMO. He regularly teaches composition / performance in several countries, for adults as well as for children.