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MIL M2 – Proyecto Pregunta

Public Space Faro
Sat 19 OCT + Sun 20 OCT - All day
Public Space Quarteira
Sat 26 OCT + Sun 27 OCT - All day


+351 925 733 041 / Registration form

Proyecto Pregunta is a civic participation device centered on the collective generation, visualization and viralization of debates on the public space.
Its ultimate goal is to activate territories and communities through the collective generation of knowledge.
Each activation deploys a set of tools for civic engagement, fostering the collective questioning of social issues.
Proyecto Pergunta is a critical device, aimed to intervene civic participation methodologies. By intervening these methods, the project seeks to question and open new types of community awareness and civic engagement.

Implementation of Proyecto Pregunta at Verão Azul: Pedro Sepulveda, Cecilia Moya Rivera e Hector Azorin with the participation of local comunity.

Mil M2 is a Chilean interdisciplinar artistic collective whose first action was to temporary occupy unoccupied spaces, with the purpose of promoting and sharing activities of knowledge exchange and encounters.
Currently nomads, the collective proposes to work on the making of artistic processes that allow for the development of civic and political debates on public spaces.