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Dressing Room Cine-Teatro Louletano
Thu 17 OCT / Sat 19 OCT / Fri 25 OCT - 18h00 > 20h30 *

Dressing Room Teatro das Figuras, Faro
Fri 18 OCT / Fri 24 OCT / Sat 26 OCT - 18h00 > 20h30 *

* Addressed to a single spectator, performed in EN / On going 20 minute sessions, upon prior registration in order to select date and schedule.

PERFORMANCE / 20' / M16 / Free Admission
Registration: info@festivalveraoazul.com / +351 963 579 289

As the timeless myth tells, Orpheus goes to the Underworld to get his beloved Eurydice back. The only rule: don’t look back. On the way back she will walk behind him, but he is not allowed to look back and check she’s still there. Just when he touches back into the land of the living, he looks back, and Eurydice disappears.
Why can’t he look back? What shouldn’t he see? What did he see?
In this performance two people meet each other- back to back. No looking back. This is about honesty, presence, meeting and the ‘other’.
What do you see when you hear? What do you feel when you look with your back?
I am on my chair, I sit there and I meet you. So I can be you for a moment. And you can be me. And we can become one in between, for a moment.
Dare you look back?

Born in Poland in 1990, Paulina finished her Cultural Studies Masters Degree at UKSW (Warsaw) where she researched the similarities between pop culture and religion and the androgynous body.
She started her theatre journey with physical and mime theatre. In 2019 she finished a course in Advanced Devising Practice at LISPA / arthaus.berlin which is based on the Lecoq method.
She is fascinated with everything ‘in between’: between theatre and reality, mask and self, me and you, the archetype and today’s changing paradigm. Lately she has also been exploring video, projections, soundscapes and song writing.
As a theatre and acting facilitator her biggest interest is in improvisation as it brings the actor into a the most real and vulnerable state of being which brings with it unexpected events and naked honesty.