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Gimnásio Clube de Faro
(Meeting Point Faro) / Sat 26 OCT 23h00

CONCERT / 60' / M6 / Free Admission

Sérgio Pelágio began developing the possibilities of playing solo with Histórias Magnéticas: these are small compositions he made for guitar, inspired in short stories, to be played with narration but that can also be listen to independently. In this case, Pelágio wanted to expand into other routes some of these previous ideas and others, going after an orchestral aspect of guitar, a sound filled with several voices.
At a certain point, jazz became his home and, although it is almost always there things start for the musician – a certain organization of possibilities often arrives to unknown results that he considers must happen because he likes to take chances, to mix, and because a thousand things that influence him, he didn’t know them until then.
When he plays alone, he gets ready to get along with and to transform on stage whatever it is happening, in a balance between what’s internalized – jazz, improv, music he has made for dance and cinema – and everything else.

Electric Guitar and Acoustics, Loops: Sérgio Pelágio

Sérgio Pelágio studied in NY with guitar player John Abercrombie.
He played with David Liebman, Andy Sheppard, Graham Haynes, Frank Lacy, Norma Winston, John Abercrombie, Sylvia Cuenca, David Binney, Mário Franco (CD’s Our Door – 2013 e Rush – 2017), Bernardo Sassetti and Mário Laginha (CD Hoje – 1994), among others. He created the group IDEFIX (CD Idefix Live – 1991).
He works on a regular basis as a dance composer (Soundtracks CD – 2002) having collaborated with Paulo Ribeiro, Paula Massano, João Galante, Teresa Prima, Vera Mantero, Francisco Camacho and Sílvia Real. In 2009 he created the childhood project Histórias Magnéticas (Histórias Magnéticas CD, 2018). His music was a part of films by Rita Nunes, Paulo Abreu and Bruno de Almeida.