© Susanne Regina Meures


Auditório do Solar da Música Nova, Loulé / Wed 23 OCT 21h00

LAR Gallery, Lagos / Wed 30 OCT 21h30

DOCUMENTARY / 2016 / 86' / M6 / Free Admission
Subtitled in EN

Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Tired of hiding from the police and their stagnating career, they organize one last manic techno rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert.

Back in Tehran they try their luck selling their illegally printed album without permission. When Anoosh is arrested, there seems to be no hope left. But then they receive a phone call from the biggest techno festival in the world. Arriving in Switzerland, they are overwhelmed by their own dream.

Radio- and newspaper interviews, millions of ravers and other DJ’s catapult them into another sphere. The haze of the instant euphoria evaporates quickly when the seriousness of the situation starts to dawn on them.

Festivals & Awards
Visions Du Réel (Special Mention – 2016)
Guanajuato IFF (Winner Best Doc – 2016)

Director: Susanne Regina Meures
Production: Christian Frei Filmproduktion

Susanne Regina Meures was born in the West of Germany.
She studied photography and history of art at The Courtauld in London and film at the Zurich University of the Arts. Worked for numerous print publications before moving to film.
Raving Iran is her first feature length documentary.