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DANIEL V. MELIM – Sung Paintings

26 > 30 SEP Convento do Espírito Santo, Loulé

1 OCT 17h00, Convento do Espírito Santo, Loulé
M12 / Performance - Free admission

Daniel V. Melim produces paintings and music based on life stories.
From Tuesday to Friday (September 27 to 30) he welcomes to Convento do Espírito Santo (Loulé) people from all ages and backgrounds, interested in participating in this project.
The artist thus summons the local community for an individual conversation, during which he produces paintings. At the end of each conversation, Daniel V. Melim creates a song that will be recorded and offered to each participant.

Free participation by appointment.
Appointments & Info: damelim@gmail.com / (WhatsApp) +351 935 429 874

From the Indian Chitrakar rolls, to the Sicilian Cantastoria, the family tree of painting singing is wide. SUNG PAINTINGS is a sound performance that starts from conversations with people and mixes and matches music, life story and images. The live-made sound is mixed with field and studio recordings. The language of contemporary music machines is mixed with ancient sound practices.

Having as a starting point the life stories of its participants, Daniel V. Melim creates paintings and specific chants for each one of them – resulting in an informal presentation at the end of the Residency.

Concept and Performance: Daniel V. Melim
Institutional Partner: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Support: Associação Binaural de Nodar, A Música Portuguesa a Gostar Dela Própria, CAPC – Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Cooperativa Cultural PENHA SCO, Alma d’ Arame

Daniel V. Melim (1982, Coimbra). Finalist of the EDP Novos Artistas 2007 Award, winner of the Fidelidade Mundial Jovens Pintores Award in 2011 and shortlisted for the worldwide 100 Painters of Tomorrow (Thames & Hudson 2014). Melim divides his time between painting, sound / performative projects and creative mentoring of individuals and groups. These practices are often cumulative among themselves and intertwine with the community fabric.
Daniel V. Melim is interested in the emotional, collective, historical, political, ecological, spiritual and healing dimensions of creation.