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TIAGO GANDRA – Trabalho Mágico


The Artistic Residency and Presentation will take place in Lagos
Dates, Schedules and Locations to be announced

Trabalho Mágico is a meeting point between performance-installation of mixed mediums and shamanic ceremony. Different materials are used to express individual experiences, encountered during the pandemic, alongside ritualistic practices that stimulate the present moment.

Translated into light, video, and sound, this work will dive into existence itself, from the point of view of the observation of body, expression and spirit.

In contrast to our current global narrative, that is becoming increasingly unbearable, demotivating, and even psychedelic, Trabalho Mágico proposes a multidisciplinary space of cellular deceleration of the body, an aesthetic and immersive experience that protects and nourishes us from all the nuances that take us away from ourselves, from others, and from nature.

Believing in a more conscious life and positive vibrations in our own energy, understanding that the quality of our own expression is reflected back to us by the energy of the universe, Trabalho Mágico builds an artistic analog-digital ceremony of healing, opening to participants to visit a place of temple, creation and mystery.

Tiago Gandra (Lisbon, 1979) has a degree in Fine Arts from ESAD.CR (2003) and MA Printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts, completed with the Birgit Skiold award (2005). Received the Young Creators Visual Arts award (2006). After his academic training, he held workshops and training with several choreographers and directors: Chris Jatahy, Federico Leon, Idoia Zabaleta, Vera Mantero, João Fiadeiro, Cláudia Dias, Miguel Moreira among others. He regularly collaborates on the creations of Ana Borralho & João Galante as an artistic assistant, rehearser and performer, touring nationally and internationally in pieces that work with local communities, from ATLAS, Gatilho da Felicidade and Romance Familiar or augmented reality, among others. As an interpreter, he integrates Último Slow by Rui Catalão, the film C’est Ça L’Amour by Claire Burger and Daniel Faria by Pablo Fidalgo Lareo, among others. His artistic practice also extends to collaborations in scenography, light design and installation. Of the latest creations, Centro Cultural do Carro stands out, with Daniel V. Melim, Peixeco by Andresa Soares, Banana Being, Coccon by Matthieu Ehrlacher, Reindeer Age#1 by Bernardo Chatillon and Cadeia de Transmissão with Apnea Colectiva.