The Festival

VERÃO AZUL is a trans-disciplinary festival dedicated to the promotion and touring of contemporary creation in the Algarve. It is directed by the artistic duo Ana Borralho & João Galante and produced by the cultural association casaBranca.

Its fist edition took place in 2011 during 4 days, in Lagos, with a predominantly national programming. Since then, the festival has been growing and extended to the east side of the Algarve, creating loyalties with audiences and building complicities and partnerships with a growing number of agents and institutions – emphasis for the co-production partnerships with Cineteatro Louletano and Teatro das Figuras, and the participation in the programme 365 Algarve.

Taking a stand as a one-of-a-kind event in this region, it has been presenting theatre, dance, performance, music, cinema and visual arts projects in a continuous way, bringing together works by national and foreigner artists with already established and recognized paths, with projects of a more experimental nature by young creators.

In 2018, VERÃO AZUL initiated a new cycle and became a biennial festival. In its interim years the festival, together with guest artists, is dedicated to work on its artistic intention to decentralize and deepen relationships with local contexts, communities, and artistic tissue, by promoting artistic residencies, workshops, research labs and co-productions, whose results will be presented in each edition of the festival.

casaBranca Team

Artistic Direction
Ana Borralho e João Galante /

Executive Direction
Mónica Samões /

Production & Tour
Andrea Sozzi /

Executive Production
Joana Duarte /

Design & Web
José Pelicano /



Head address
Quinta das Aves, Sítio da Torre, Odiáxere
8600-256 Lagos

Office address
Calçada Marquês de Abrantes n° 99
1200-718 Lisboa

Phone number
+ 351. 92 400 92 34