© Rita Caetano
© Rita Caetano


CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos / Thu 6 APR 18h30

Performance / 40' / M6 / Free Admission

Screen-Inator explores the screen as an object that is present in almost every aspect of our daily lives, occupying the physical space like an extension of the human body. The smartphone functions as a social mediator and enables communication between people without requiring their physical presence. The screen is like a performer within our society, but also like a subject in constant development regarding function and action, continually changing and evolving. It is a window into the digital world, framing everything that is inside – a rectangular shaped window that bears and reveals information. This project invites the audience for collaboration, and to experience the work in a participatory process of questioning the relationships we have built with these devices over time.

Artist: João Felgueira / Joninator
Suit: Diogo Gama e Mael Bourne
Livestream: Caetana Serra, Diogo Gama,Francisco Benedy e Oisín Roberts
Print: Differ print
Velcro: Infinity international Peckham

Joninator is a multidisciplinary artist, graduate in Contemporary Media Practice (2020) by the Westminster University, in London. His research questions the virtual boundaries and conditions in a post-contemporary context. By mixing photography, video, performance and installation, he explores the relationships built over time between humans and technology.