@ Galeria de Arte Ambulante


Cerca do Convento do Espírito Santo, Loulé
Thu 11 NOV 10h00
As part of the Centro Cultural do Carro (CCC) project

Workshop for students of the lower or upper secondary
Participants: 1 class / Duration: 3h
Free admission with registration
Info and registration: 963 579 289 / info@festivalveraoazul.com

20% Education / 40% Creation / 40% Inspiration

CCC Add-on is workshop for teenagers in which they will be asked to create art “things” and intervene creatively upon a car. It starts with a conversation and practical examples with the art pieces and artists in the original CCC exhibition, and the introduction of different artistic pratices – painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, performance and installation.

After viewing the other artists’ pieces, a question will come up: what are our ideas, individually or as a group, to create something for the car? We suggest we create from the materials coming out of the car boot – craft paper, sheets, sharpies, paper strips, paint, ropes and string – perhaps to assemble a new exhibition, or even a performance, who knows?

This activity will be documented in a photographic essay by both the artists and the participants, and some of these photo records might be included in the CCC exhibition.