@ Galeria de Arte Ambulante


Cerca do Convento do Espírito Santo, Loulé
Wed 10 NOV 10h00
As part of the Centro Cultural do Carro (CCC) project

Workshop for Elementary Schools
Participants: 1 class / Duration: 2h30

FREE ADMISSION upon registration
20% Education / 40% Fun / 40% Creativity

Mini CCC is a workshop for elementary school children where they are invited to intervene artistically on an automobile.
Using paint, gouache, brushes and pens we are going to turn this car into an exhibition item.

First we will be talking about the works and artists that are exhibited in the CCC, bringing together different artistic pratices such as Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. After we admire the works of other artists, there will be some questions: what are you going to paint / do on the car? How are you going to proceed? Is it only yours or can it be connected to your classmates’ interventions?