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MIGUEL BONNEVILLE – A Importância de Ser Alan Turing

Teatro das Figuras, Faro / Fri 19 NOV 21h30

Single price 5€ - BUY
Performance / 50' / M12
30% Music / 20% Words / 30% Plastic / 20% Enjoyment

Miguel Bonneville continues his series of shows on the lives and work of artists and thinkers whose importance has been vital in his artistic path.

This new creation, A Importância de Ser Alan Turing (The Importance of Being Alan Turing), was developed in the Verão Azul 2020 residency. Alan Turing (1912-1954) was a mathematician, cryptanalyst and first generation computer scientist.

Best known for his breakthrough deciphering the codes for the German Enigma machine during World War II, preventing the war from extending for longer, Turing was also a pioneer in artificial intelligence. In 1952, the scientist faced a criminal prosecution for homosexuality, back then a serious indecency. Convicted and chemically castrated, Turing died two years later of cyanide poisoning – still unclear if accidentally or deliberately. In 2009, after an internet campaign, the British Government apologized publicly for the sentence and, in 2013, Queen Elizabeth II.

Miguel Bonneville has an intimate relationship with real characters in History and a very particular way of bringing them into his stage sets.
In The Importance of Being Alan Turingan emotional technology project – he develops an obsessive perspective on the body and how it relates to electronic music; bodily experience + mathematical discipline = erotic potency.
For this show Bonneville works with sound artist Clothilde and her modular synthesizers, very similar to the early-age computers, both seeking to penetrate a “world of ghosts travelling in the wires”, creating music to un-discipline the body.

Stage direction, music and performance: Miguel Bonneville
Co-creation, music and performance: Clothilde
Costume design: Mariana Sá Nogueira
Set design: Nuno Tomaz
Lighting design and operator: Nuno Patinho
Sound operator: José Veiga
Photography / Design: Joana Linda, Miguel Bonneville
Preface: João Manuel de Oliveira
Design / Publishing: Ilhas
Communication: Sara Cunha
Support: Arte Total / Guelra – Laboratório de Criação Coreográfica, Teatro Cão Solteiro, Voarte / Soudos – Espaço Rural de Artes e AAC-Soudos
Apoio: Fundo Cultural SPA
Co-production: Circular – Festival de Artes Performativas, Festival Verão Azul / casaBranca / Teatro das Figuras
Production: Teatro do Silêncio
Teatro do Silêncio is financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes and by Junta de Freguesia de Carnide

Miguel Bonneville (b. Porto, 1985) introduces us to autobiographical narratives focused on the deconstruction and reconstruction of identity through performance, drawing, photography, video, music and art books. He has been showing his work, namely the series Family Project, Miguel Bonneville, and A Importância de Ser (The Importance of Being), in Portugal and abroad since 2003. He won the Rede Ex Aequo Award (2015) for his shows Medo e Feminismos, in collaboration with Maria Gil, and The Importance of Being Simone de Beauvoir.
He is the artistic director of Teatro do Silêncio.