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SÉRGIO PELÁGIO – Magnetic Stories / Nungu and the Hippopottamus

Biblioteca Municipal António Ramos Rosa, Faro / Tue 16 NOV 14h00
Limited to 2 classes - FREE ADMISSION 

Storytelling Concert + Workshop / 90' / Children 6 - 10
School Sessions
40% Music / 30% Storytelling / 30% Political

This tale by English author and illustrator Babette Cole tells the story of an African boy determined to return to his village the river water that had been swallowed by an angry hippopotamus. Alone, Nungu sets out through the jungle to get the water back. Helped by his grandfather’s ancient wisdom, he manages to make her give back the water to the now dry riverbed and the joy to the people of Tubu.

This is the fourth Magnetic Story and the first one based on a non-Western culture, in this case African. With it came an original musical score and a narration inspired by the rhythms and melodies of that continent.

Score, musical direction and electric guitar: Sérgio Pelágio
Narrator: Isabel Gaivão