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TIAGO RODRIGUES – Tiago à Gomes de Sá

The autobiographical story of a playwright who sacrifices himself during an expedition on the ice so that his companions could survive.
Written and performed by Tiago Rodrigues.

Actor, playwright, producer and stage director. At the age of 21 he quits the theatre school to work with the Belgium group tg STAN, with whom he still collaborates.
In 2003 he creates the company Mundo Perfeito whose work has been presented in more than 14 counties.
Se uma janela se abrisse (nominated for best theatre performance in 2010 by the Portuguese Author Society), Tristeza e alegria na vida das girafas, Três dedos abaixo do joelho were his most recent theatre works as stage director and author. He has been working in cinema as a screenwriter and actor, having received the award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the feature film Mal Nascida.
He wrote the screenplay and was also actor in the mini-series Noite sangrenta, award winning for Best Fiction in Television by the Portuguese Author Society and nominated for the best mini-series at the International TV Festival in monte-Carlo.