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To Forget Kills (2005)

In the absence of serious thinking and deep regrets about our past and specially on the tenth anniversary of the biggest massacre after the World War II, the fall of Srebrenica, the work To Forget Kills (Zaborav ubija in Bosnian) is a reaction on the aggressive campaign against smoking in a time when death became just an ordinary word in journalistic vocabulary.
Instead of the usual sign Smoking kills, on the original package of Bosnian cigarettes DRINA it’s written To forget kills on french, english and bosnian language. The boxes are signed and numbered in limited edition from 001 up to 800 ex. Aside of the boxes, in each city where the work is exhibited, a limited edition of posters is printed. The work is in collaboration with Tobacco Factory Sarajevo and under High Patronage of the Association of Mothers from Srebrenica.
«This work is dedicated to THOSE who think that smoking kills more than human mind and to us, Bosnians who think that THEY do not think like that».
The work was first presented in the frame of the official commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica and in the same day in London. After that, it was also shown in Amsterdam, Zagreb, Geneva, Antwerp, Marseille, Vukovar, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Mostar, Podgorica, Ljubljana, Skopje, Split, Belgrade, Bratislava, and Vienna.
The work was shown in the frame of the exhibition 8372 Didn’t come which was honored by the City of Rijeka with Annual Ivo Kalina Award for the Best contemporary arts exhibition. In 2008, the work was selected for the 49th October salon in Belgrade. In August 2011, it was exhibited in Marktstraße in Hamburg; in July 2013 it was exhibited in old town of San Marino. In June this year it was exhibited in Galerie du jour Agnès b, in Paris, while in July, it was exhibited in Istanbul and Athens.