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Cinema de Lagos
Fri 24 OCT, 18h30
Sat 25 OCT, 21h30

Documentary / BR / M12

Fala Tu / Lives of Rhyme tells the stories of three little known rappers from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.
Macarrão, 33, runs numbers for a living. His office is the street. Through his music, he weaves a complex chronicle of his neighborhood. His wife, fed up with life in the slums, wants to move somewhere else. With a new baby on the way, Macarrão has do decide whether he should stay or leave. Toghun, 32, is an old school rapper from Rio. Deluded with Rio’s hip hop scene, he decided instead to study and work. His father, a samba composer who abandoned his family twenty years ago, has fallen ill with cancer. Through music, Toghun is trying to make peace with his father.
Combatente, 21, is a politically engaged rapper who is trying to come to terms with her own radicalness. She’s become a member of the Church of St. Daime, a religion from the Amazon that blends Christian idols with local chamanistic traditions. Her newfound consciousness has made her reconsider her posture towards life and music.

Directed by: Guilherme Coelho
Script: Nathaniel Leclery
Editing: Márcia Watzl
Photography: Alberto Bellezia
Direct Sound: Leandro Lima
Production: Mauricio Andrade Ramos, Mano Tales, Nathaniel Leclery e Guilherme Coelho
Associated Producer: Patrick Siaretta
Co-Produced by: Matizar e Video Filmes

Winner Best Documentary (Popular Vote) – Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2003
Winner Best Director – Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2003

54th Berlin International Film Festival 2004 – Official Selection – Panorama
Miami International Film Festival 2004 – Official Selection – Competition
Cinema du Réel 2004 – International Competition
Nat Filmfestivalen 2004 – Oficial Selection

Director of Fala Tu, Lives of Rhyme (2003), documentary about the stories of 3 little known rappers from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro
Director of Fernando Lemos, Through the Image (2005), documentary about the Portuguese artist Fernando Lemos, who has lived and produced in S.Paulo since the 1950s when he fled the Salazar dictatorship
Director of PQD, Brazilian Paratroopers (2007), documentary about boys serving the paratroopers unit of the Brazilian Army
Director of A Day With Frederico Morais (2011), documentary about Frederico Morais, art critic and creator of the Sundays of Creation, a series of events that shook up Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art between January and July 1971
Director of Portraits in Contemporary Art (2011), a series of 4 films about different aspects of Brazilian contemporary art.
Director of Why are we like this? (2011), a transmedia project that takes place on the web, television, and in street theater performances’ across Brazil. The project aims to discuss the values, attitudes and choices Brazilians make in their day to day lives.