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Teatro das Figuras
Sat 21 NOV, 21h30


WORKSHOP: 6 days (15th -20th November)
Registration / Information:
Teatro das Figuras / Rui Gonçalves
Tel: 912 333 366
Email: rgoncalves@teatrodasfiguras.pt

In Greek Mythology Atlas was the one condemned to stand with the Earth and Heavens on his shoulders. To turn the theater back into a political space. 100 people on stage.
A landscape of people with different professions, claiming their position in society, individually as well as in group, mapping a sort of «atlas» of the complex cohesion of a social tissue. One of the first ideas for this piece were the ideas of the artist Joseph Beuys: «We are the revolution» and «Everybody is an artist». He enlarged the area of art to the whole life of mankind, introducing the notion of social scupture.
A quiet revolution. A work motivated by the belief that art should play an active role in society. Uniting art and life.

Performers: 100 people from different professions
Concept, light and artistic direction: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Sound: Coolgate
Light consultant: Thomas Walgrave
Artistic consultant: Fernando J. Ribeiro
Dramaturgy collaboration: Rui Catalão
Artistic collaboration and group coordination: Cátia Leitão (Alface), Mickaella Dantas, Tiago Gandra
Executive production and group coordination: Andrea Sozzi
Production Manager: Mónica Samões
Production: casaBranca
Co-production: Teatro Municipal Maria Matos
Artistic residency: Atelier re.al, alkantara
Support: Junta de Freguesia da Estrela, alkantara
Thanks: Mark Deputter and to all performers that participated in all performances of Atlas.

Wanted 100 people with different professions from the local community (with or without performative experience) to come on stage: Artist, baker, police, photographer, surfer, hooker, fisherman, political, fireman, researcher, entrepreneur, valet parking, driver, postman, stripper, farmer, mechanic, football player, carpenter, plumber, insurance agent, civil engineer, florist, pharmacist, administrative, therapist, civil servant, hairdresser, cook, physiotherapist, enologist, teacher…
In each city ATLAS brings together 100 people from all walks of life and backgrounds that come with their wishes and ideals and are ready to be heard. This crowd of volunteer citizens embodies society but also shoves it.
On stage an “Atlas of humanity” composed by all morphologies, ages, jobs, generations and social status. This popular choir goes to pharaonic size, and gives theater back to its original political value.
After Lisbon, Viseu, Montemor-o-Novo, Oporto and cities in countries like France, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Spain, Iceland and Greece, among others, Atlas Faro wants to gather 100 people to participate in this unique project.