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TEL – Teatro Experimental de Lagos
Wed 21 OCT, 14h30
Duration: 120'

* Workshop for primary schools. Capacity: 1 Class.
Each child should bring an instrument / sound producing object (personal one, or from the school)

In this workshop we’ll explore instruments, sound objects and voice to create a movie soundtrack. Starting by making an approach to sound and music in film history, we will see and hear some examples that show us how sound can help images to create an emotional atmosphere.
Then, through improvisations, questions and answers (What feelings do images evoke? What are the sounds that suit them? When is it better to use silence?), attempts and collective ideas, we’ll write and rehearse a song for a small animation film.
At the end we’ll record and screen the film with our soundtrack. After the workshop the film with the children’s soundtrack will be provided for download.