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SYLVAIN CHOMET – The Illusionist

TEMPO - Teatro Municipal de Portimão
Tue 20 OCT, 10h00
Cinema de Lagos
Fri 23 OCT, 10h30
Sat 24 OCT, 16h00

Target Audience: Children from 6 up

In the late 1950s, with the birth of rock’n’roll, the world of music hall tends to fade. An old magician is considered an artist endangered and therefore leaves the Parisian concert halls to try his luck in London, where the scenario is, unfortunately, the same.
However, he continues his performances in theaters and bars, now in the UK. Until one day, while performing in a village pub off the west coast of Scotland, he encounters Alice, an innocent young girl who will change his life forever…

Directed by: Sylvain Chomet
Produced by: Sally Chomet, Bob Last
Screenplay by: Henri Marquet, Sylvain Chomet
Story by: Jacques Tati
Starring: Jean-Claude Donda, Eilidh Rankin
Music: Sylvain Chomet
Edited by: Sylvain Chomet
Production company: Pathé, Django Films