© Jonathan Saldanha


Parking Faro Municipal Market, Level -2
Sat 28 OCT, 18h00

Concert - Performance / 2017 / 50' / M12 / 7€ / 5€

Choral piece, electronic, light and resonant space. A group of human voices emerges and dissolves in the concrete landscape, clustering and redistributing itself. The mob defuses into the line that separates the organic from the inorganic, the voice that remains is an impulse directed to the walls.

Invitation adressed to 70 people from the local community to join this project of sonic and scenic research.
Participants should be a mix of men and women between the ages of 12 and 60, with or without experience in voice work, amateur or professional, as well as choral groups.

WORKSHOP: 20 – 27 October
REGISTRATION and INFO: Teatro das Figuras / Rui Gonçalves
Tel: 912 333 366
Email: rgoncalves@teatrodasfiguras.pt

Creation: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
With: Group of voices from Faro’s community
Co-production: Out.Ra, SOOPA, casaBranca / Festival Verão Azul

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha – Sonic and scenic constructor approaching within his work elements of pre-language, generative choirs, acoustic animism and echo.
Co-creator of the sound-theatre pieces Nyarlathotep, Jungle Machine, Rei Trilogy and Del, presented in venues like Serralves Museum, Accès(s) Festival and Rivoli TMP.
Since 2010 he composed a series of pieces for voice, electronic and resonant space.
He is part of Fujako duo, mentor of the ensemble HHY & The Macumbas and founder of SOOPA collective.