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ZA! – Research Residency

5 > 10 OCT, Faro

ZA! is a Catalunya music band, formed by Eduard Pou and Pau Rodríguez

After 15 years and over 700 shows, ZA! is now a reference in the midst of experimental music, sharing their musical mix of musical genres, from Free Jazz to electronics, and their Do It Together spirit.

After coming to Lagos to the Festival’s 2017 edition, we now wanted to bring this project to the eastern Algarve coast.

For a week, Verão Azul invites this collective to research the city of Faro, to meet its corners, and to find ways of connecting with the territory. The goal is to discover possible liaisons between their musical style and local people and knowledge, so that together we can come up with a project and bring these musicians back to Faro in time for the Festival’s next edition.

Alongside this research residency, ZA! will conduct a Musical Improvisation Workshop, ending the week with the presentation of a concert.

Eduard Pou is a musician, a journalist and a screenwriter. In the field of conducted improvisation, he studied Soundpainting with its author Walter Thompson. He is also a member of the improvisation-with-percussion collective Demonshaker.

Pau Rodríguez is a psychologist, psychotherapist and musician. During his clinical residency he worked at the General Hospital in Catalunya, at the Psychiatric Unity, using methods like music therapy, equine therapy, and research in personality disorders.