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MIGUEL BONNEVILLE – Performance Workshop

5 + 6 SEP, 10h30 > 13h30 / 15h00 > 18h00

M18 / Aimed at students and researchers in the field of artistic, professional and semi-professional studies in the areas of dance, theatre, visual arts, music, performance; also to others interested in the presented subject. Limited to 15 participants

Registration until 3 SEP by filling the online form
+INFO: info@festivalveraoazul.com

In this workshop Bonneville proposes to create specific structures and tools focused on authorship work, encouraging the awareness of central questions to each participant’s practice, increasing the array of approaches at their disposal, and the multiple ways of constructing a performance.

– How to create without a definitive technique or method, drawing from what each idea suggests or requires, without having to sacrifice creatively by following an automatic and repetitive construction pattern.

– How to get around the struggle to produce during a creative process.

– The importance of the presentation venue, the presence, and the performer’s interpretation.